Our Study

We are Giving Men a Voice, a research study implemented by National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI) and Public Health Solutions. Our two-year study will focus on perspectives of sexual well-being among Black and Latino gay and bisexual men living in New York City. We hope that this study will capture the dynamic and unique experiences of this population and ultimately allow us to develop a culturally informed framework for sexual wellness which targets physical and mental health. Through in-depth interviews, eligible men will have the opportunity to participate in formative research that can dramatically transform healthcare for Black and Latino men.

Together, we will explore issues such as these:

  • Masculinity and cultural influences on health
  • Diverse perceptions on sexual well-being
  • Providers’ cultural sensitivity to your sexual health needs
  • Your level of comfort when talking about sexuality with medical providers
  • Whether and how providers should ask about sexual history

To get involved, take our short survey here

(hyperlink survey as another way to get participants to survey gizmo and screen for eligibility)